Boxes Undone

In the aftermath of the tippled boxes come undone; ribbons untied, and words scraped from corners of a pale skinned mind, unrefined; do I say I am sorry? When I was just a girl, in dresses printed in sunshine and sewn together with trust, I learned that words mean very little. Unless, they cause an … More Boxes Undone

Don’t Fall

Look at me, in a way that makes me feel like you have ripped out my secrets and stored the bloody pieces in your pockets, proudly and with the intention of making them yours too. Touch me, in a way that makes me lean in, with out thinking. That makes me inhale you, like a … More Don’t Fall

No. 77

Pick me up in stages, let my knuckles drag, and my head drop and loll, mouth open, struggling to breathe. Let my eyes roll back, and wait for my pulse to become so feint.. that the fingers pressed to my neck would have to be so still just to feel any signs of life. Hide … More No. 77

Crazy Talk

There are days, like today – where I run through that phrase ‘People who are really crazy don’t know they are crazy’ in my mind, and I think of all the times I have been called mad, or that I have wondered if I am. It is a serious ‘point’ of thought for me because … More Crazy Talk

Group Torture

When I was in rehab, I detested group therapy. Partly because I have never been good at listening to other people talk about pain when it is so ‘obvious’ what that person could or should have done – and then those that simply like the attention so the waterworks come on instantly…  and also because … More Group Torture

No. 091

You lit my cigarette mechanically, and with a jilted and wilted face. You rubbed your eye and looked at me with the other almost like assessing the space – between us. I always knew you were the same as those before you but I had hoped for most gumption. I gave a little, lost a … More No. 091


Have you ever listened to a song which brought a cluster of memories back in a way that leaves you feeling like you have been hit by a car. The emotions are too hard and too fast to be able to breathe in between each line that blasts through you? We keep in touch…   the … More Her.