# 129

Wind in my neck, like a limp doll that has lost it’s comeliness. Straighten my skirt, and dust off the grubby prints left by the men that knew I had no money. No money for the inhale. Even less for the exhale. Comb my lashes, even on the one half open eye, and redo the … More # 129

I Have Never..

I realise that all the introspection is supposed to have taken place at the closing of 2014. But someone how it’s all kicked in now. It DID start a month ago, at my brother’s 21st birthday party. I don’t much enjoy family gatherings – or any gathering there will be more than 5 people attending… … More I Have Never..

Pushing Labels

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.” My first strip to a psychologists office was when I was 8 years of age. My defiance was more about fear than because I had any real understanding what was needed of me – or what I needed from them. I accepted the labels. And … More Pushing Labels

Toxic People

We have all met one or two or ten, and at some point in our lives, we have been ‘the’ toxic person who suffocates another. I have often described relationships as ‘cling film’ that gets wrapped around your face until you either die, or you cant take it anymore and you leave. The interesting thing … More Toxic People


This is one of those topics I think about a fair amount – but I am unsure of how to write my collected thoughts down in a way that will make sense to anyone else. My thoughts are a mixture of memories, emotions and things I have watched and read. But I am going to … More Bullshit

Tenants. Mind fuck.

Sometimes I get tired and sometimes I don’t. So, what better time to write an update when I can’t spell and when my brain is mush. Right. This week’s highlights: My mom bought me a TWISP. It’s an electric cigarette- so that I can quit smoking. My brother – who decided because I smoke strong … More Tenants. Mind fuck.