Dance with me, Walk with me. Look at me. Need me. Show me. Want me. Smile for me. Breathe for me. Listen to me. Cry with me. Bend for me. Deviate for me. With me. Care for me. Love me. Sing to me. Read to me. Share with me. Walk away from me. Turn your … More Me?

Written in Stone

My route was etched into the sides of pyramids, before the stars aligned. Before you. Before her. Before him. Before I raced into the dark with only a pack of cigarettes and a half empty lighter. Red. It’s always red. My course was flowing through my veins before the gods picked my name, and my … More Written in Stone

# 129

Wind in my neck, like a limp doll that has lost it’s comeliness. Straighten my skirt, and dust off the grubby prints left by the men that knew I had no money. No money for the inhale. Even less for the exhale. Comb my lashes, even on the one half open eye, and redo the … More # 129

I Have Never..

I realise that all the introspection is supposed to have taken place at the closing of 2014. But someone how it’s all kicked in now. It DID start a month ago, at my brother’s 21st birthday party. I don’t much enjoy family gatherings – or any gathering there will be more than 5 people attending… … More I Have Never..

Pushing Labels

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.” My first strip to a psychologists office was when I was 8 years of age. My defiance was more about fear than because I had any real understanding what was needed of me – or what I needed from them. I accepted the labels. And … More Pushing Labels