Empty Seats.

The cold crept in, like dry ice on my own private stage. The performance of a life time, to be danced in the dark, with only empty chairs; frayed and a dull worn out burgundy, all numbered. Lights off, and just the beat of a half remembered tune in my mind. No grace in this … More Empty Seats.


I have always been deeply moved by this video. I connect with the pain in the movement, and the words in the song..   so thought I would share.

Sober Memories

I lost my halo in a pub somewhere, perhaps on the lap of a stranger. Certainly intoxicated. Obliterated. Finishing the unattended drinks, mixing and matching until praying over a toilet bowl, still Loyal to me. Slow motion dancing on checkered floors that were never quite completely horizontal. Pressing my sweaty body up against the tiles … More Sober Memories