Genetic Malfunction

There are people in my world who love and adore me regardless of my crazy that I don’t always keep tucked in. I love them and am grateful for them. But there are occasions where I see the facial expression on the person I am interacting with (loved one or stranger) where they fail to … More Genetic Malfunction

I Wish..

I wish that mornings lasted as long as we wanted to stay in bed. I wish the sky lowered at night so that we could touch it. I wish that my dogs could speak. Not my cat though. He would demand food at 4am. I wish that everyone was the same height. Armpits aren’t cool … More I Wish..


I want to share a story. I do not know. I wish so much, so much – that I did. I was 7 years old. We were visiting my mother’s sister Jenny at the home that she lives in, in Pretoria. Jenny has Cerebral Palsy and lives in a large place with others that have … More Michelle