Your Face and Lace

You could call me a liar, but I quite like being paraphrased. You give away your blame like a gift, and then read me the headlines, like I was a bystander, rather than a witness to your forced frailty. You have forgotten for too long now, how little I forgot about you. You pretend so … More Your Face and Lace


Let me be ceremonious in my attempts at the ritualistic patting of backs, and nodding of heads and shaking of hands, and the regurgitating of compliments that mean nothing expect that they comfort you, not me. Let me dress up and groom and prune and swoon, if it makes you happy. Let me try hard … More Pretense

Love and Hate

I like NYC yellow taxi cabs. I like London phone booths, even if they smell like piss on a Friday night. I like rust on fences and drain pipes. Just because, I do. I like fishnet stockings on other women, nearly as much as I like the way it sounds when you rip them. Intentionally, … More Love and Hate