Sibling Bonds

One of my three brothers knows I love poetry – and because we had been struggling to communicate with out fighting – write this for me. I still cry every time I read it. It demonstrates his effort to talk to me in a language he believes I understand, and it was his way of … More Sibling Bonds

Crazy Talk

There are days, like today – where I run through that phrase ‘People who are really crazy don’t know they are crazy’ in my mind, and I think of all the times I have been called mad, or that I have wondered if I am. It is a serious ‘point’ of thought for me because … More Crazy Talk

Group Torture

When I was in rehab, I detested group therapy. Partly because I have never been good at listening to other people talk about pain when it is so ‘obvious’ what that person could or should have done – and then those that simply like the attention so the waterworks come on instantly…  and also because … More Group Torture

Genetic Malfunction

There are people in my world who love and adore me regardless of my crazy that I don’t always keep tucked in. I love them and am grateful for them. But there are occasions where I see the facial expression on the person I am interacting with (loved one or stranger) where they fail to … More Genetic Malfunction


I really should pluck my brows, I said. You really should make us both coffee, he said. Hurry up and take the photo. I pull a face. But it is lost, with half my face. I smile again, and I am reminded of some of the smaller details that I love about him. His laughter … More Misfits

Kids. Noun: Chaos.

So it is a well known fact amongst my family and friends that I am not at all good with children. And when I say children, I mean anything from  a new born to like… 30. My brother Simon has 5 children, and my brother Bevan, has 2. From left to right (yes, it matters) … More Kids. Noun: Chaos.

My Baby Brother

For those that are following you will know that I recently had a falling out with my family. After many discussions…  I was told to leave them alone. Not in an ugly way – but just so they could all…   understand what was going on. I wrote a strong worded email to my youngest brother … More My Baby Brother