In My Corner

Fight. I will, if you will. I will take the punches, if you just call my name, from the sides of the ring that was built on the bones of the the children who fell before they got to grow up. Fight. I can make it, if you pour absinth on my knuckles. I will … More In My Corner

Bear Wishes

Winter fell and the stars dripped sorrow onto the roofs of the buildings below, in a language that only the cracks in the earth could understand. Snowflakes, the perfect tears. Pure and innocent, in the blind interpretation of children. Whispered wishes uttered by the mouth of a little green eyed girl in a dress that … More Bear Wishes

My Baby Brother

For those that are following you will know that I recently had a falling out with my family. After many discussions…  I was told to leave them alone. Not in an ugly way – but just so they could all…   understand what was going on. I wrote a strong worded email to my youngest brother … More My Baby Brother

Not So Easy Fix

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.” As we get older, we (should) become wiser. More self aware. More consistent. We (should) settle into who we are and be able to stroll or run or skip or bounce through life in a way that makes sense to at least some of those … More Not So Easy Fix

Toxic People

We have all met one or two or ten, and at some point in our lives, we have been ‘the’ toxic person who suffocates another. I have often described relationships as ‘cling film’ that gets wrapped around your face until you either die, or you cant take it anymore and you leave. The interesting thing … More Toxic People