A Brother’s Version

So, I am sitting at a pub type place with my brother and his wife a few weeks ago, and we get to talking about my drunken days. Drinking was a problem for me long before drugs were. I attended my first AA meeting before my 21st birthday – under duress, but still. He recounted … More A Brother’s Version

Can’t Dry-Clean Wings

She fell at the gate, her name rusted over above the words ‘angels once stood proud here.’ Somewhere between the farewell handshake, and the tracks where a bookie accepted her halo as a down payment, she more than just her grace.

Sibling Bonds

One of my three brothers knows I love poetry – and because we had been struggling to communicate with out fighting – write this for me. I still cry every time I read it. It demonstrates his effort to talk to me in a language he believes I understand, and it was his way of … More Sibling Bonds


I have always been deeply moved by this video. I connect with the pain in the movement, and the words in the song..   so thought I would share.