Q and A

So, my J and I were talking and although we have been friends for some time now and we know a great deal about each other and can safely say we are very familiar with the skeleton’s that lurk in each others closets. On first name high five terms with the demons that hold the … More Q and A


I felt my pupils dilate, as the sound of the taser snapped and clapped against her flesh. I clenched my jaw, to hide the joy that surged like crack cocaine through my skin. The hit was shortlived and she laughed and put her hand out for the hundred I had promised.

Hell Boy

I was sent this by a friend today. he reckoned it reminded him of me…  my temper and my track record of my own impulse control (or lack thereof) coming back to bite me in the ass. Usually every single time. It made me smile, for several reasons. One, I do indeed have a temper … More Hell Boy