Can’t Dry-Clean Wings

She fell at the gate, her name rusted over above the words ‘angels once stood proud here.’ Somewhere between the farewell handshake, and the tracks where a bookie accepted her halo as a down payment, she more than just her grace.

Final Branding

I stood and watched you for a long time. You breathed so deeply, heavy in your sleep. A strand of hair rested on your eyelashes, and I thought to move it, but thought I may wake you. I didn’t want that. Not today. Not now. I hunted through the kitchen drawers for a marker. Silently, … More Final Branding

Chasing Demons

It is more convoluted, than just a throbbing demand for blood. It is more labyrinthine than simply knowing that I will stand, bloody faced and victorious, heart pounding against my rib cage. A reminder that the trophy blood that drips from my hands, is not mine. It belongs to one of the demons that has … More Chasing Demons

Crazy Talk

There are days, like today – where I run through that phrase ‘People who are really crazy don’t know they are crazy’ in my mind, and I think of all the times I have been called mad, or that I have wondered if I am. It is a serious ‘point’ of thought for me because … More Crazy Talk

Bear Wishes

Winter fell and the stars dripped sorrow onto the roofs of the buildings below, in a language that only the cracks in the earth could understand. Snowflakes, the perfect tears. Pure and innocent, in the blind interpretation of children. Whispered wishes uttered by the mouth of a little green eyed girl in a dress that … More Bear Wishes