Your veins share a portion of ruthlessness with my rib cage. My blackened lungs. A certain unwavering determination to spit in the faces of those who dont beleive in you. Your hands grew lines a long time ago, etched by Arabic scribe. Fine lines that tell of only dark things. Fairy Tales of laughter, inside … More

Lamb, got Sam

The beauty in the fragility, and the spell in the white; is where the chains that you carry shed blood in the fight. The blue in your fire and the green in mine, will only burn brighter with the immeasurable time- it has taken the earth to spit up it’s landmines. We are filled with … More Lamb, got Sam

Crazy Talk

There are days, like today – where I run through that phrase ‘People who are really crazy don’t know they are crazy’ in my mind, and I think of all the times I have been called mad, or that I have wondered if I am. It is a serious ‘point’ of thought for me because … More Crazy Talk

Dead Girl Walking

Abandon all hope. Hope is for the children, who know not yet what they do. Make no promises, especially not to the dying. You can’t apologise later for failing to save. Ignore the mocking birds, and the yellow eyed ravens that hover, in waiting. They are just passing time. Drink the filter coffee in the … More Dead Girl Walking

Genetic Malfunction

There are people in my world who love and adore me regardless of my crazy that I don’t always keep tucked in. I love them and am grateful for them. But there are occasions where I see the facial expression on the person I am interacting with (loved one or stranger) where they fail to … More Genetic Malfunction


Have you ever listened to a song which brought a cluster of memories back in a way that leaves you feeling like you have been hit by a car. The emotions are too hard and too fast to be able to breathe in between each line that blasts through you? We keep in touch…   the … More Her.