The Unsecret Dialogue Chronicles of S and J: Old Photos. Page Two

Page One. Page 2. J was most pissed at me for getting us arrested. Our fake names turned out to belong to people who actually frequented the underground poker den / brothel that we were attempting to have a good time in. It was quite frankly, a waste of wigs, a waste of make up, … More The Unsecret Dialogue Chronicles of S and J: Old Photos. Page Two

Partners in Crime

Minds alight, we fight the fight, even when we are overlapping each others dreams. Dreams of different faces, different places, but still back to back, on the attack, and irreversibly linked. Blue and green, like the northern lights, Untouchable, and wanted. Misunderstood. Forged by the universe and the stars that aligned in passing, long enough … More Partners in Crime

In My Corner

Fight. I will, if you will. I will take the punches, if you just call my name, from the sides of the ring that was built on the bones of the the children who fell before they got to grow up. Fight. I can make it, if you pour absinth on my knuckles. I will … More In My Corner

The “Unsecret” Diologue Chronicles – Part 6

Follow on from : S stands with her hands up in the air stretching, waiting for J to get her skinny ass inside. J stops next to S and yawns. S grins and looks at J’s bloodied shirt and the crimson red smears on her chin and collar bones. S:   You know, that’s kinda … More The “Unsecret” Diologue Chronicles – Part 6