Words Sewn Together

I ache, from carrying the burden of your collected pain. Pain that you gather as you fall down in the door ways of home after home. I could decorate willow trees, with trinkets of sorrow, all yours, for miles. Sadness in every colour. But I sew it all together, instead, and remind you of the … More Words Sewn Together


At some point in my youth, the rosy cheeks and the honest eyes became a curse that the wretched ripped at, like a bloodthirsty feeding on pure innocence. I remember the feeling, of the decline in desire; to care or be cared for. Solitude was a safer companion. Suspicious observation a far more effective tool … More Hanged.


Oh. Push me off the curb. Into the cars. Look me in the eye, pretend to cry, and then walk away. Oh. Let go of my hand, I need it to hold on to the words I fell for. The ones that fell from your lips while you lied. Oh. Undo the motion sickness that … More Oh.

Lies, that Save.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.” I grew up in a very strict religious home, and although my parents were kind and loving, lying was a serious ‘no no’. But what is a lie? They lied to us about Santa, and we lied to them about not knowing who ate … More Lies, that Save.

Tenants. Mind fuck.

Sometimes I get tired and sometimes I don’t. So, what better time to write an update when I can’t spell and when my brain is mush. Right. This week’s highlights: My mom bought me a TWISP. It’s an electric cigarette- so that I can quit smoking. My brother – who decided because I smoke strong … More Tenants. Mind fuck.

In Memory of.

A White Gerbera, lay neatly on my plate. That was the same day she was mine, For a few brief hours. We held hands. We kissed. We surged. Her eyes showed me what was real, and her heart fought every moment. But her lips never lied. Nor did her hands. Nor did her eyes. Not … More In Memory of.

Say Something

Face me. Wake me. Turn me Say something. No. Play me. Display me, but don’t Pretend. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Please. Yes. Spin me. Call me. Ignore me. Just be real with me. Too much. Too little. Not enough. Catch up. Fall down. Get up. Look up. Feel. Try. Don’t … More Say Something