I like music, when it is just me, but far prefer silence when in the company of people. Music reminds me I am human. People, do not.

Breathing in Strings

I listened to her play the cello, and she breathed sharply with each pause, even if only half a second. Her breathing was a part of the beauty. Like it was written into the original score.. penciled in, at precise moments. Not only so she would not forget to breathe, but so that the deep … More Breathing in Strings


Struggling, to make sense of what I feel, I refuse to kneel. at the mercy of opinion. Lithium sponge like dragging, through nights. Sleepless. Dreamless. Needless. I am bored of the single chord that strums over and over and over in my tired mind. Leave me behind, and let me rest, in this nest of … More Halleluja

Don’t Give Up

This is for those who read my words, and whose words I read. It’s a reminder, that here, in this virtual space – you are always cared for. Herbie Hancock also just happens to be a legend, and Pink… well….  she is gorgeous and has a voice that I adore.