I Burn

I get confused. The jackets made from the skin of the underdog, worn with a dismissive self importance. I dont like the familiar, but I will forgive the stranger – until he starts to button up that swagger. Until the corners of his lips curl, at the expense of a poor man on his knees. … More I Burn

Just Sad.

Intellectually – it’s easy to acknowledge that there are so many different types of people in this world, and that those different types are necessary to make it all work – all go around – all turn, so to speak. It takes the hard asses, and the soft gentle types to make the different things … More Just Sad.

Be Good To Me

In the dark somewhere, He fumbled. Unable to get his bearings. Too much drink, and too many women had dulled his charm. Predictable. He could hear them laugh with scornful bleating. Like hyenas, hysterical.


I like music, when it is just me, but far prefer silence when in the company of people. Music reminds me I am human. People, do not.