Out of Order

I don’t beg, but, I will, if you ask. I don’t pretend, except, in the dark. Night unfolds, All that I hide in plain sight. My chest, an empty cavity, and void of what you need me to feel. Rotting. You would be better off, to pick another carousel to ride. This one is out … More Out of Order

Just a Thought

If wishing on stars made any sense, and there was any truth to it. I would wish with all my twisted words to have been born in an era, like Viking times, where all that was required of me was to have a rocking hair do, have sex daily, and the bonus:- If you don’t … More Just a Thought

Hospital Cheese

The trend in the past has been to write about my hospital trips with as much humour as possible. Today shall be no different… I hate hospitals. I hate the way they smell, and I hate being in them for whatever reason, but they are a regular occurrence on my timeline and so I choose … More Hospital Cheese