Mocking Bird DOWN

I mapped your face, like the Egyptians mapped the stars. I knew every part of your face, your mouth and your hands. Your legs. In my bed. Spread. I made you read to me, just for the sound of your voice. I needed you, like a traveler needs a compass. Like a nomad needs water. … More Mocking Bird DOWN


I have always been deeply moved by this video. I connect with the pain in the movement, and the words in the song..   so thought I would share.


Oh. Push me off the curb. Into the cars. Look me in the eye, pretend to cry, and then walk away. Oh. Let go of my hand, I need it to hold on to the words I fell for. The ones that fell from your lips while you lied. Oh. Undo the motion sickness that … More Oh.


Dance with me, Walk with me. Look at me. Need me. Show me. Want me. Smile for me. Breathe for me. Listen to me. Cry with me. Bend for me. Deviate for me. With me. Care for me. Love me. Sing to me. Read to me. Share with me. Walk away from me. Turn your … More Me?


I really should pluck my brows, I said. You really should make us both coffee, he said. Hurry up and take the photo. I pull a face. But it is lost, with half my face. I smile again, and I am reminded of some of the smaller details that I love about him. His laughter … More Misfits

Black Sheep.

You can’t hose a black sheep down and hope to wash some of the black out. If there was some sort of topical treatment or chemical pill that could bleach parent’s stained children into being the perfect white sheep – I am pretty sure it would be as lucrative as the words oil industry. Humour … More Black Sheep.


Sore heart. Unsaid words. Surreal and ambiguous. Direct and illogical. Egg shells. In case… I hurt a gentle soul. A kind Soul. I am not good at silence when sirens sound in my chest. I am good at over thinking While the ship is sinking. While It fills up with water. There is still silence … More Unsaid