# 129

Wind in my neck, like a limp doll that has lost it’s comeliness. Straighten my skirt, and dust off the grubby prints left by the men that knew I had no money. No money for the inhale. Even less for the exhale. Comb my lashes, even on the one half open eye, and redo the … More # 129


It has been a long, long time since I have been this sad. Drained, and tired and sad. My heart is aching and my mind feels like its bleeding with guilt and… anger… and powerlessness. I have choices to make, and what ever I choose will hurt. Will hurt someone else, and I will carry … More Broken

Mental Bleach

I often lean back in my swivel chair, and note my fingerprints on the glass desk that I work on. It is a dark, almost black, thick and beautifully large piece of glass balanced on two ‘A Frame’ cast iron stands. It takes four people to move it. But the metaphor here, for me, is … More Mental Bleach