Just Sad.

Intellectually – it’s easy to acknowledge that there are so many different types of people in this world, and that those different types are necessary to make it all work – all go around – all turn, so to speak. It takes the hard asses, and the soft gentle types to make the different things … More Just Sad.

What Colour?

Paint me a picture of my blistering shame. What colours would you choose to show the pain? Would your hand be steady and heavy and meticulously planned, or would you just tip and pour and not even use your hands? Paint me a picture of the torture in anguish I feel. What colours would you … More What Colour?


There are moments on some days, usually round late afternoon, that my speed train brain whips into turbo mode, and I get sad. Sad – but not sure why. I could collect all the thoughts that whiz by, and blame it on the collective negativity – but it feels more complicated and runs deeper than … More Dandelions…


It has been a long, long time since I have been this sad. Drained, and tired and sad. My heart is aching and my mind feels like its bleeding with guilt and… anger… and powerlessness. I have choices to make, and what ever I choose will hurt. Will hurt someone else, and I will carry … More Broken