Can’t Dry-Clean Wings

She fell at the gate, her name rusted over above the words ‘angels once stood proud here.’ Somewhere between the farewell handshake, and the tracks where a bookie accepted her halo as a down payment, she more than just her grace.


Simmer down Collect your copper coins and pay the tall woman in black who will guide you from one edge to another don’t look down, or you will see the reflection of your imperfection. Rejection. Keep your eyes on me, and I will push you to be Like the baobab tree, firmly planted in the … More Aftermath


This is one of those topics I think about a fair amount – but I am unsure of how to write my collected thoughts down in a way that will make sense to anyone else. My thoughts are a mixture of memories, emotions and things I have watched and read. But I am going to … More Bullshit