Dead Meat

In rage, I imagine the suffocation of a bull, in clear plastic. Layers, and layers of clear plastic. It can fight. It can call. But it’s strength will be it’s death. It will die. It’s how I feel, and the image I rewind and pause like an old movie, when I feel this way. Pounding … More Dead Meat

Bear Wishes

Winter fell and the stars dripped sorrow onto the roofs of the buildings below, in a language that only the cracks in the earth could understand. Snowflakes, the perfect tears. Pure and innocent, in the blind interpretation of children. Whispered wishes uttered by the mouth of a little green eyed girl in a dress that … More Bear Wishes

Mental Bleach

I often lean back in my swivel chair, and note my fingerprints on the glass desk that I work on. It is a dark, almost black, thick and beautifully large piece of glass balanced on two ‘A Frame’ cast iron stands. It takes four people to move it. But the metaphor here, for me, is … More Mental Bleach