… after she died I breathed in the sorrow of everyone else. It was so thick and so heavy. I didn’t bend. I didn’t lean. Or need from anyone. I let it all unfold, and I let them all grieve in the way they they needed to. Then, someone showed me the video of her … More Gone.

The “Unsecret” Dialogue Chronicles _ Series II _ Part 2

Part One here. S started to giggle, while prying J’s fingers from her shirt. The lisp was proving to be funny, even if the situation wasn’t. S:   Babe…   if you can say “SuperCalaFragilisticExpialadocious” I will gladly yank that tooth out for you. J:   That’th not pfuckin ppphunny. Phick you..  *wince* S:   It is. But … More The “Unsecret” Dialogue Chronicles _ Series II _ Part 2