Hell Boy

I was sent this by a friend today. he reckoned it reminded him of me…  my temper and my track record of my own impulse control (or lack thereof) coming back to bite me in the ass. Usually every single time. It made me smile, for several reasons. One, I do indeed have a temper … More Hell Boy


Simmer down Collect your copper coins and pay the tall woman in black who will guide you from one edge to another don’t look down, or you will see the reflection of your imperfection. Rejection. Keep your eyes on me, and I will push you to be Like the baobab tree, firmly planted in the … More Aftermath


The Plan: My brother Mark would arrive at my place at 6am to collect James and deliver him to bus station buy 7am for a 7.30am bus to KZN I would then get Mark to a hospital by 8am so he could have blood tests. I would be delivered back to my door step and … More Seriously?