2.17 am

James is wondering around feeling ill because he ate a giant bag of jelly beans in one go…

Marley my cat is following me around weaving between my feet in the hopes that I will trip and fall and that it will then occur to me to feed him (because it doesn’t matter that there is already food in his bowl).

The neighbors beneath us are having a party and the birthday boy in question is busy having a screaming match with the security guards because they say he has a drinking problem and he says they were asleep on duty. Pointless debate to have between a tired guard and a very drunk man.

I had just gotten into my hoodie and was about to march downstairs to tell them all to shut the hell up, as I got to the door it all went silent…  o

I am on my 17th cup of coffee so there is no point in trying to ignore the commotion and fall asleep. I will try again when the light comes up. I sleep well in the day..

I am annoyed on behalf of someone I love because someone I don’t love has, in her obliviousness tampered with the chords that tug on my loyalty.

But I am wearing my anger quietly, because tomorrow is a new day – and anger is best served cold. Ice cold.

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