Bad Day at the Office


Once a year at work we do what we call 360’s. Everyone gets a form, with a list of work related and attitude related attributes, and then you rate other people from 1 to 5.

1, of course is dismal, and 5 is most excellent. Things like, ‘Is this person a team player?’ and ‘Does this person communicate well face to face?’

I work from home, but I do spend a fair portion of my day sending repeat emails to repeat people asking for the same things, again and again. And because of the nature of what I do, I only really deal with the CEO, the directors and the general managers.

I am one of the few people who doesn’t need to be micro-managed because I am pedantic and will cello-tape my eyelids to my hairline if I have to if I need to finish something,  but what I am not known for is my patience or my friendly disposition.

Those that have worked with me long enough know that I have smacked the creditors clerk in the head and chased a sales rep across the building with a butter knife. So when I saw the question ‘How does this person deal with conflict management’ I laughed.

Let me see. THIS person has serious anger management issues and would much rather tip someones desk over and un-muzzle every annoyed inner brat that I have than suck it all in and attempt to some up with something pleasant to say when I know my body language will be giving me away anyway.

So I got the raise which I knew I would, because I work damned hard – but I also got the results of my 360 done on me by the people that have to deal with me.

I got 5’s for just about everything except my Team Player skills (or lack thereof) and I got a 2.3 for my Conflict Management Skills. That was higher than I thought I would get. Funny.

Again, why I work from home.

When people say ‘It wont make you feel any better to behave that way’, I GENUINELY disagree. I REALLY does make me feel better to throw something or grab the collar of someone three times my size and bring their face down to mine. 3 times out of ten, I do get escorted out by security – but the point is – I still feel better.

I do make efforts not to actually HURT anyone at the office, Its my mothers company and its for her sake rather than anyone elses, but I wont lie, there are says I so badly want to pull people over thier desks and ask them to explain to me how much stupid they plan on getting away with before the day is over because I just dont know how much more I can handle before I lose my cool completely. Especially when their stupid effects me.

Yes. I have had a bad day. Can you tell?

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