The “Unsecret” Dialogue Chronicles – Part 2

*Open’s door*
S: I am SO glad you are here!
J: Did you make me a coffee or what?
S: No…  I did put the kettle on though. And then I got all OCD about leaving a trail.
J: Trail of…   evidence that you made coffee?
S: Yes. It would show a lack of remorse. Detachment.
J: Babe…   I think you passed that point a while back.
S: True that. I will make coffee.  Smoke? Compliments of the blonde behind the couch.
J: Yes. OoH..  I love Marlboro.
S: Right. Coffee, cigarettes and clean up. Cool?
J: S. Focus. I want a cup of damn coffee before we get all Dexter in this place?
S: I dont think Dexter drank coffee…
J: *walks past S and steps over a body to get to the kitchen*  S…    why is there a finger in your sink?
S: I was testing the cleaver. It works like a BOMB. That little bugger came clean off..
J: You are way too excited about all this.
S: Uhm. That is because it was exciting….?
J: …    is that a toaster?
S: Yeah. ..     and the frying pan. We were having dinner…   and, it all went a bit pear shaped…
J: Death by kitchen appliances …
S: Oh.. no no…    the blonde and the big buff bloke, I dropped a sedative or six in their drinks. Just makes things easier, you know?
J: I’m sorry..  I’m still stuck on the toaster.
S: I know, right? Who would have thought…
J: Right Bear. Let’s do this.
S: Sweet…   got the plastic?
J: Yes babe, and a lot of it. You got the bathroom prepped?
S: Hells yeah. Lets start with the dude with the crazy side burns..    ready, steady..  LIFT.

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